Reasons to play video games

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People from an early age start playing video games on various mediums. These could either be smartphones or personal computers. Most of the people believe that gaming is bad for health. But at the same time, they ignore all the good sides about playing video games. Here are some of the reasons for you to play video games.

Improved Memory

There are some games which require you to pay serious attention to the game and requires a lot of attention. You need to keep track of various elements in the game so that you have a better leader in the game. With the latest games, the involvement of the brain becomes more important. When you multi-task with your brain in the virtual gaming world, your hippocampus is getting the required exercise. This also controls the spatial memory. If your hippocampus is in good condition, you will have a better long-term memory and you will be able to navigate your physical space better. This will help you to remember a lot of things and for a longer time. It will also help you in remembering the directions. Playing video games will also keep your brain sharp during your old age.

Improved Vision

When you are competing in a video game and when you are in a complex environment, a perpetual template is created in your brain and you will be able to determine what is more important to you and what are not. This template helps you to access the situation and respond to it. The more you play action video games, your perpetual templates are created and improved. These can help you in a lot of places. Also, video games which are high on the action also improve the ability to distinguish between different colors and patterns. The contrast sensitivity is better in those of people who play regular games. These improve your ability to notice something better than the others.

Better Spatial Visualization

You will also be able to have a better visualization of the space. When you play shooting games, you have a better ability to think about the objects in three dimensions. You will know about what things could fit into a particular space. This might not sound like a very big deal to you but these can be very helpful when you want to park in a tight space or when you are looking to fit in certain things into your closet so that you can fit in every stuff of yours.

Better Decision Making

The modern video games are mostly fast-paces, which requires you to pay full attention and be alert at all times. In such games, you need to make decisions quickly or else you might lose the game. These games also help you to make the decisions quickly in real life as well. You are likely to make more accurate choices that those who don’t play video games or play the slow-paced games. Your overall decision-making skills are going to improve drastically.


If you haven’t played video games until now, you must look to start playing from now onwards.