WWE Mayhem – Let’s Know More about Story-Mode Rewards!

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WWE Mayhem is an amazing game in which gamers need to win the matches in the story mode in order to get special rewards which work in further aspects. So, don’t try to use the other mode otherwise you may not be able to receive unique offers.

Furthermore, each and every gamer should complete the tutorial first in order to learn the basics information regarding earning-process and superstars skills. By doing this, gamers can easily win more and more battles to grab cash and gold.

To Know about Rewards!

On winning a WWE championship in the story mode, you will get these rewards, which are mentioned below.

Story Lootcase Keys!

These keys are playing a crucial role in the WWE Mayhem game that can be used to open lootcases, which contains the skilled character. The more you grab keys, the more you will collect energetic fighters, which make your squad stronger or unbeatable.


Gamers can use the cash to leveling up the superstars and take part in events such as PvP versus mode. You can also upgrade your fighters by spending your cash on it. As you do this, one can easily increase the chances of victory with minimum efforts.

Level Up Bottle!

If you will able to leveling up the bottle after winning a story mode match, then you can increase the chances of getting title reward and bonuses. With the help of WWE Mayhem Cheats 2020 tool, one can usually get resources in the desired amount without investing anything on it.

Experience Points!

If you want to gain more and more experience points, then you need to increase your superstar level significantly in order to unlock high-power superstars as well as new game modes.